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Gorgeous Balinese, IC. Robin-Hood's Olivia owned by Doris Seitinger.  Stunning Balinese cat, Angy Successori di Ponti owned by Doris Seitinger.
Stunning Balinese, Angy Successori di Ponti on the right.
Beautiful Balinese, IC. Robin-Hood's Olivia (Mucki) on the left.
The girls are owned by breeder Doris Seitinger based in Zell am See, Austria.
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All Photos Copyright © Doris Seitinger. All Rights Reserved.

~ Balinese ~

Female Balinese, Muckerl with her kittens owned by Doris Seitinger

The Balinese is a svelte cat with long, sleek tapering lines, a glorious long flowing coat and a lithe but strong body structure.

The Balinese breed originated as a spontaneous longhaired mutation of the Siamese cat. These cats are essentially a long-haired version of the Siamese cat, but because of their longer fur, the Balinese appears to have softer lines and less extreme type than the Siamese and other similar breeds.

It is probable that an occasional long-haired kitten had been turning up in pedigree Siamese litters from time to time, but it wasn't until 1940's that the long-haired version was promoted as a breed.

Balinese cats, Asterix and Amira owned by Doris Seitinger in Austria. Like its ancestor, the Siamese, the Balinese is dainty and aristocratic in appearance with a long body, head, legs, and tail. The Balinese has a fine and silky, single coat lying close to the body, with hair length between half an inch to two inches on the body. The single coat makes grooming simple as the coat does not mat like the double coat of most long-haired cats. Another stunning feature of the breed is a long, plume tail.

Short-haired versions of the Balinese cat are known as Variants. This is the result of a mating between a Balinese and a Siamese. Variants have a short, plush coat.

Beautiful Balinese cats, Flori and Muckerl owned by Doris Seitinger

Balinese cats are also similar to Siamese in personality. They are demonstrative, affectionate and extremely intelligent cats with a healthy curiosity. Owners of Balinese are totally infatuated with these graceful and majestic felines. This breed is sometimes said to be less vocal than a Siamese with a softer voice.

The Balinese, like the Siamese comes in pointed colours, including blue, chocolate, lilac and seal points. Other colours include lynx, cream and red points. Eyes are a large deep, vivid, sparkling sapphire blue.

The Balinese and Siamese Cat Club  GCCF affiliated club for breeders and owners of Balinese and Siamese cats.

Breed Books
Balinese Cats by Stuart A. Kallen.

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