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Stunning Bombay, CH Shawnee Salem Representitive bred by Denis Fitzgerald of Mustang Bombay's.
Stunning Bombay, CH Shawnee Salem Representative .
Bred by Nikki Horner   owned by Denis Fitzgerald of Mustang Bombay's.
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~ Bombay ~

The Bombay's sleek, glossy short coat and beautiful vivid cooper to golden eyes makes it resemble a miniature black panther with a look all its own.

The Bombay was developed from the Burmese breed and exhibits the muscular body type and affectionate, mellow temperament of the Burmese.

A Mustang Bombay cat having a good time.

Bombays were fist bred by cat breeder Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery in Louisville, Kentucky. She started in 1953 by breeding a black American Short hair to a sable Burmese. Many years of selective breeding followed that first litter where the late Ms. Horner consistently got totally black cats, with huge copper eyes, short shiny black coats, with their own distinctive head and body types. The Bombay did breed true. Eighteen years after the first Bombay breeding experiment in the year 1976, the Bombay was recognised for championship status in The Cat Fanciers' Association. In the UK, Bombays are classified as part of the Asian group of cat breeds.

Bombay cats are extremely agile, affectionate and intelligent. They are easily leashed-trained and fetch naturally. Bombays are also very friendly and alert with dog like personalities. With their beautiful panther looks and short tight coat, it is not surprising that Bombay owners are so enthusiastic about these beautiful mini-panthers.

The Bombay cat is a medium sized cat with a solid muscular body. Their coat is jet black to the roots, short to medium in length with a fine and satiny texture with a high sheen that looks like patent leather. The nose and paw pads are also black. Eye colour ranges from golden to deep copper with copper eyes considered the more superior.

Bombay Breed Club  UK breed club dedicated to the Bombay and similar breeds.

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