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Stunning Singapura female, RW, GC, GP Usaf's Muka Manis, DM bred by Tommy Meadow of Usaf Cattery in Southern California  Handsome Singapura male, Usaf's Rumah Miskin bred by Tommy Meadow of Usaf Cattery in Southern California
Stunning Singapuras bred by Usaf & Changi Cattery in Southern California, USA.
Singapura Originals. The Original Importers.
Pictured on the left is Singapura female, RW, GC, GP Usaf's Muka Manis, DM.
Pictured on the right is Singapura male, Usaf's Rumah Miskin.
Singapuras at Usaf Cattery are bred by Tommy Meadow.
Singapuras at Changi Cattery are bred by Hal Meadow.
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Photos Copyright © Chanon, L. Johnson or Tommy & Hal Meadow. All Rights Reserved

Singapura Originals. The Original Imports

~ Singapura ~

First Singapura Male, 
GC/GP Sabortooth Sleeper of Usaf DM.

The Singapura is a shorthaired cat distinguished by its large eyes and its unusual warm beige, brown-ticked coat. The coat colour is called either sepia agouti or brown ticked agouti; despite the different names, it is the same colour and the only colour in which Singapuras are found.

The original home of the Singapura is the island of Singapore, with the breed taking its name from the local Malay name for the island meaning "Lion City". Singapuras descended from a type of cat native to Singapore, sometimes referred to as the "drain cat" of Singapore. The breed is the result of a combination of genes indigenous to South East Asia, both the brown as in Siamese and Burmese and the agouti or ticked pattern.

Singapura Male, 
SGCH ACFA Silvaner Kuan of Changi bred by Hal Meadow of Changi Cattery in Southern California.

The first Singapura cats to appear were imported into America from Singapore by Hal and Tommy Meadow in the mid-seventies, having been found and adopted in the Loyang area by a geophysical work boat crew. The breed was carefully developed from Ticle, Pusse, Tes, George and Gladys, the latter two being offspring from Ticle and Pusse. In 1980 a further cat, Chiko, was imported into America.

Female Singapura, Tes of Usaf, one of the original imports at 10 years of age.

Hal and Tommy Meadow worked diligently breeding, perfecting, and promoting "their" cat, the Singapura. A giant step was taken when other breeders other than the Meadows became involved in the Singapura breed. One of the first was Catherine MacQuarrie of MacQuarrie Cattery who acquired a female named Usaf's Huntress of MacQuarrie. All the early breeders shared an intense commitment to the Singapura until their hard work paid off in 1981 when the Singapura became accepted for registration status. The Singapura has gone from a small group of dedicated breeders to the Singapura of today with a vast and diverse group of independent, experienced and committed breeders. The look of the Singapura remains unaltered today from the early imports from Singapore.

Singapura female, 
GC. GP Usaf's Kunada of Moontan, DM bred by Tommy Meadow of Usaf Cattery in Southern California.

The Singapura is an alert, healthy, medium sized cat of foreign type. The body has good bone structure and is moderately stocky and muscular, yet gives an impression of great elegance. Females tend to be slightly smaller than males. The breed has noticeably large eyes and ears. Remnants of the tabby "M" are visible on the forehead along with "cheetah" lines extending down from the inner corner of the eyes.

The Singapura is also noted for its ticked (agouti) coat. Singapuras all have the same coloration with only one colour allowed. Body colour is an old, golden ivory with a soft warm effect, ticked with sepia brown. Ticking refers to the presence of bands of different colour on the hair shaft. Each hair on the Singapura has at least two bands of sepia brown ticking separated by light bands, light next to skin and dark tip. Muzzle, chest, stomach and inner legs are an unticked light ivory colour similar to unbleached muslin. Some barring is shown on their inner front legs and back knees.

The Singapura coat is also short, silky, close lying and requires minimal grooming. Eyes are large, set not less than an eye width apart, held wide open, but showing slant when closed or partially closed. Eye colour can be found in hazel, green or yellow.

Singapura Usaf's Rumah Muda and her kittens bred by Tommy Meadow of Usaf Cattery in Southern California.

The Singapura has an enchanting personality. To be owned by a Singapura is like having another member of the family, a caring affectionate and sensitive friend. They have soft, gentle voices and love and genuinely seem to need their humans. Being vigorous cats, they are active and lively, with a love of warmth. The desire for closeness with their humans is a trait common to all Singapuras. Their stature makes them gentle cats, but they are also very interactive cats that remain playful throughout their lives. They are mischievous, intelligent and inquisitive, and will investigate anything thoroughly and want to be involved in all their human's activities. They also get along remarkably well with other pet animals. Singapura owners greatly enjoy the charm of this mischievous, good-natured, gentle and outgoing breed.

Singapura Cat Club  UK cat club dedicated to the Singapura.
United Singapura Society  CFA affiliated breed club to protect, promote and advance the Singapura.
Founders International Singapuras  USA based club, the original and oldest Singapura Breeder's Network working together to ensure the welfare of the Singapura.

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