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Grand Euro and US Champion Zimba of Lebaeg   Champion Duchesse of Somali of Khartown.
Stunning Somali Cats bred by Somali of Khartown in Germany.
Pictured left Grand Euro and US Champion Zimba of Lebaeg .
Pictured right Champion Duchesse of Somali of Khartown.
Somalis at Somali of Khartown are bred by Angela and Calle Gollenstede.
For more photos and information, please visit the Somali of Khartown website.

All Photos Copyright © Angela and Calle Gollenstede. All Rights Reserved.

~ Somali ~

Stunning female Somali Shila of Somali of Khartown Cattery in Germany.

The Somali is a breathtaking cat that bears an uncanny resemblance to a little fox, with its large ears, masked face, full ruff and bushy tail. This Semi-longhaired, medium-sized cat has steadily grown in number and popularity.

The Somali story began with Evelyn Mague, an American breeder of Abyssinians who by chance discovered that some Abyssinians carried the Longhair gene. Other breeders saw the beauty of these longer-haired kittens and joined Evelyn in a breeding programme. Evelyn was responsible for naming the Somali, which has often been called an 'Abyssinian in an overcoat'. At the time, Somalia (present-day Ethiopia) was the neighbour of Abyssinia and, not wanting to ignore the new breed's origins, Evelyn chose the name 'Somali'.

Stunning female Somali Arielle of Somali of Khartown Cattery in Germany.

Somalis are well-proportioned, medium to large muscular cats. Their body is medium long and graceful, with a medium-length soft and silky coat that requires little grooming. The coat is usually one to three inches long, with shorter fur across the shoulders. They have a long bushy tail very like that of a fox's brush and their feet have tufts between the toes.

Somalis are intelligent personality-plus cats. They are very affectionate and will live happily with other cats and animals. They are happy around children and adore their owners. Possessed with a zest for life, they love to play and thrive on human companionship. Somalis will give their humans outward shows of affection, rushing up to greet their owners making a chirruping noise to express their delight. Somali cat owners enjoy the company of this stunning affectionate and loyal cat.

Gorgeous Somali silver kitten from female Somali Arielle of Somali of Khartown Cattery in Germany.

The Somali has an agouti, or ticked, coat with four to twenty bands of colour on each hair. Today there are 28 different colours of Somalis. Sorrel is a rich copper colour which truly resembles a fox. Other recognised colours are ruddy, red, blue, silver and fawn. Their large, almond shaped eyes range in colour from intense green, hazel to amber.

Somali Cat Club of Great Britain  Aims to safeguard the well-being of Somali cats and promote the purity of the breed to stimulate and encourage improvement in type and colour to work for a much wider appreciation of Somalis
Somali Cat Club of America  Dedicated to the Somali Breed.
Somali Breeders & Fanciers Association  Serves the interests of owners, fanciers, and breeders of the Somali cat worldwide.
Abyssinian & Somali Cat Alliance  The first and only UK cat club dedicated to both the Abyssinian and Somali breeds.

Breed Books
Somali Cats-Everything About Acquisition, Care, Nutrition, Behaviour, Health Care, and Breeding by Karen Leigh Davis.

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