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Stunning Sable Ticked Tabby Silver 
male Burmilla Tiffanie, CH Strathkirk Not-So-Shy-Boy of Strathkirk Cattery in Toronto, Canada  Stunning Sable Shaded Silver Tortie female Burmilla Tiffanie, GD CH. Horizons' Dream Catcher of Horizons Cattery in Toronto, Canada
Stunning Tiffanies bred by Strathkirk/Horizons Cattery in Toronto, Canada.
Pictured left Sable Ticked Tabby Silver male Tiffanie, CH Strathkirk Not-So-Shy-Boy.
Pictured right Sable Shaded Silver Tortie female Tiffanie, GD CH. Horizons' Dream Catcher.
Tiffanies at Horizons Cattery are bred by Ann Kidd and Ivan Battye.
Tiffanies at Strathkirk Cattery are bred by Jean Morphee Barnard
Strathkirk/Horizons Cattery also breed Burmese & Burmillas.
For more photos and information, please visit the Strathkirk/Horizons website.

All Photos Copyright © Ann Kidd, Ivan Battye & Jean Morphee Barnard. All Rights Reserved.

~ Tiffanie ~

F2 Full Expression Lilac Tortie Shaded Silver Tiffanie (LH), Coomakista LeadingLady of Horizons of Horizons Cattery in Toronto, Canada

The Tiffanie is the longhaired version of the Burmilla which itself, initially was the result of a chance mating between Chinchilla and Burmese stock. Tiffanies are an endearing blend of the two original breeds.

The Semi-Longhaired variety first made an appearance in the mid-1980s, as a consequence of the experimental breeding programme for the Burmilla in the UK. Since the Burmilla carries a recessive long haired gene from the Chinchilla Persian ancestry, some of the resulting kittens from time to time were semi-longhaired with silky medium length coats.

Sable Shaded Silver Tiffanie boy, Ch Horizons Nelson of Horizons Cattery in Toronto, Canada.

At first, these kittens were not taken seriously as they did not characterise the main aim of breeding silver shaded Shorthairs. However, a small group of breeders were determined to achieve recognition for these attractive cats, and the Tiffanies slowly gained more admirers despite a much slower progress in comparison with the Burmilla and other Asian Shorthairs.

The Tiffanie was finally given Preliminary GCCF recognition in 1991, and has moved to Provisional status in June 1999. Championship status is expected for this relatively young breed within the next two to three years.

F3 Long hair Tiffanie girl, Ch Horizons Nightingale of Horizons Cattery in Toronto, Canada.

The Tiffanie is a medium-sized cat with a fine and a silky coat, longer at the ruff and with a flowing plume-like tail. The general body type should be that of the Burmese but carry some of the Chinchilla facial markings particularly the mascara type eye outline.

The silky medium length coat does not tangle and has none of the potential grooming problems of their parent breed, the Chinchilla. The coat is of an easy care nature with only the very occasional need to groom it.

Sable Shaded Silver longhair Tiffanie female, Horizons Gypsyrose of Horizons Cattery in Toronto, Canada.

The most outstanding feature of this breed is its wonderful temperament. Tiffanies are outgoing, gentle, loving, beautiful cats that make excellent pets. They are extremely devoted to their humans and most are real lapcats. Tiffanies are also extremely playful and intelligent. They easily learn to fetch and play other games and quickly take over the hearts and homes of their besotted humans. This breed also adapts very well to other pet animals. This delightfully pretty cat with an amazing personality quickly becomes a favourite with all who come to know them.

Tiffanies may be bred in any of the recognised Asian or Burmese colours and patterns. Eyes are clear and luminous mainly found in any shade of green with variations depending on coat colour.

IBBA  Internation Burmilla Breeders Association.
Asian Group Cat Society  GCCF-affiliated UK club for the Asian breed group.

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