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~ CatsInfo Award Winners Page ~

Here I've listed the winners of my CATSINFO AWARD for purrfect cat site of distinction. These feline, pet or animal related websites have met my criteria by providing originality and excellence in content, superior design and more importantly show they care about cats and other pet animals. I am very proud to display my award on these superior websites!

If you also have a feline, pet or animal related website that you would like to proudly display my award on, please visit my award application page to find out all the details. I would love to hear from you!

July 2002

Lara's Page - The story of two Birman kittens.
MeOwCaTsUK - An informational site on cats.
Kitn's Kitns - Small breeders of Himalayan and Persian cats in Ky.
Rexcatz International - A site for lovers of Rex coated cats worldwide.
World of the Siamese Cat - A site all about the Siamese Cat.

May 2002

Burmese Cat Society of Australaisa - Breed club dedicated to Burmese Cats.
Our Siamese Babies - Pages dedicated to three Siamese kittens. - Dedicated to four special companion cats.
Isis & Sassy - Two of the cutest cats on the web.
Coconut Monkey - Site about foster kitten Tonie with animal welfare information.
Rincon Felino - A tribute to cats with photos, humour, legends and more.
S*Alvhems British Shorthair - Breeders of British Shorthair cats in Sweden.

April 2002

Ragdolls of London - London cattery dedicated to raising healthy Ragdoll kittens.
True Love - About two kitties with lots more on cats.
Tymack Maine Coons - Breeders of Maine Coon cats in Northern Georgia, USA.

February 2002

The Haven-Friends for Life - No kill animal shelter in North Carolina.
Willoughby's Website - All about Willoughby, a seal lynx point Birman kitty.
Wildlife Massage & Pets - Honors wildlife extinct or being saved in captivity.
Cattitude Expressions - A fun site for cat lovers.

January 2002

Stars & Stripes Cattery - breeding Persians and Exotics in Sweden.
Satiny Cats - Photo's and details of Anne's cats and kittens.
Swank Cats Caberet - About Makiah and Santiago, two Snowshoe kittens.

December 2001

Newfoundland & Labrador Humane Society - raising awareness & caring for animals.
NomenEst Maine Coons - Breeders of stunning Maine Coon Cats in Finland.

November 2001

Sitting Pretty Kitty  Unique cat furniture and products for the pampered cat.
Pet Gallery - Photos of pets and tips on cat care.
Little Indian's Birmans - Breeders of gorgeous Birman Cats in Germany.
CuteBoy's Cute Lil'World - Meet CuteBoy, a cream Persian cat with numerical skills.
Catnip Nap - Plush hand crafted feather cushions laced with 100% organic catnip.
The Katie Diaries - Adventures of Katie & her brother & sister with Bengal breed info.
York Chocolate - All about the rare and unique York Chocolate cat.
Kitty Report Online - Monthly report of the activities of four kitties.

October 2001

S* Kastanjeback's British Shorthair & Bengals - Breeders of beautiful British Shorthair and Bengal Cats in Sweden.
Kats N Kittens - Cat Breeds, message board, games and stories and more.
CoolCyberCats - All about 3 cats, Hamlet, Leo and Itchy.
Mystic Manx - A site all about the Manx breed and also a cattery for Manx cats.
Kitty Committee - Earn Kitty Credits by doing good deeds and use credits to shop.
El Gato Lucy - Interactive story, games, classifieds, tributes, and links to cat pages.
Sphynx N Parrots - About a Sphynx cat and parrots that live in a home as a family.

September 2001

The Cats Meow - Maine Coon breeders in the Netherlands.
Kittens 4000 - A site for cat and kitten lovers.
Rowdy's Rescues - Dedicated to rescue and adoption of homeless cats and kittens.
My Kitty View - Features photos, memorial page, links, cat info, webcam, original graphics, e-greeting cards and kitty Star and friends.

August 2001

Svanesoens Sacred Birmans - Breeders of beautiful Birman Cats in Denmark.
Cats Cats Cats - Cat health, humour, quotes, memorials, links and more.
Isan's Cornish - Cornish Rex breeders in Israel.
Tipzaculla Persians - Breeders of Persian cats in Bristol, UK.
Kizzi's Korner - Meet Kizzi and her friends and find out all about Ragamuffins.
Tuxedo Alley - The home of 4 spoiled and pampered cats.
Long Island Cat Fanciers - Dedicated to feline health and education.
Emerald Blues - Cattery breeding stunning Russian Blues.
Welcome to my Cat Page - Site devoted to three cats: D.C., Michael, and Molly.
Marlene's Cat Photos - Cat Photos and stories of these beautiful stray cats who found a loving home.
Somali of Khartown - Breeders of black-silver Somali cats in Germany.
Everything about Cats in Belgium - Info about cats in Belgium.
My Magical Maine Coons - About three Maine Coons with lots of breed info.
Fred & Geek - Dedicated to Fred the ferret and Geek the cat.

July 2001

Cattery of Golden Glory - Bengals, Siberian and Tonkinese breeders in Switzerland.
Minew-Kajuncat - Meet Minew and his feline friends.
StrayAlleyCat - Photos and stories and lots more about cats.
The Cat House - Information and photos on the cats in the house.
Daniella's Birman Site - Birman Cat breeders in Seattle, USA.
Castlepurrs Cattery - Breeders of Exotics, Ocicats, and Manx cats in Oklahoma includes Fe-Lines cat column and articles on cat care.

June 2001

Indian Spirit Maine Coon Cats - Breeders of Maine Coons in Germany.
#Cat Chat - A place for cat lovers to chat and learn about cats.
Andre's Homepage - Andre's site, a beautiful white half Persian cat.
Midnight's Page - Midnight's Page, a beautiful Brown tabby Persian.
Daisy Chain - Site dedicated to a beautiful Persian Cat named Kevy.
American Beauty's - Breeders of stunning Maine Coon Cats based in Germany.
The German Rex - Breeders site with info on the German Rex and Abyssinians.
Snowangels Snowshoe Cats - Snowshoe breeders based in California.
Dreams of Alibaba - Siberian and Neva-Masquarade Switzerland cat breeders.

May 2001

Some Moore Cats - All about the Moore cats.
Lynx Tips Maine Coons - Cattery in the English countryside breeding Maine Coons.
Peppers Picks - Pepper, the rescue cat picks the best in cat food, supplies, toys, stories, pictures, medicines and books.
Cattery Britney - Cattery in the Netherlands breeding beloved British Shorthairs.
Jessicas Animals - About Photo Show fundraising pets for sale and animal aid.
British Shorthair Cats vom Ammersee - Breeders of British Shorthairs in Germany.
The Nermal Cats - Meet The Nermal Cats and learn about pet loss, cat health, behavior and products and more.
Kitty Kitty Heaven - For anyone who loves cats with lots of photos and info.
Davrica Maine Coons - UK breeders of stunning Maine Coon cats.

April 2001

OKeepa Maine Coons - Stunning Maine Coons bred by Okeepa Maincoons.
Eppsteins Maine Coons - Maine Coon Cattery in Germany with foundation cats.
Natural Tree Furniture - Natural pet tree furniture by Smith Industries.
Castaway Animal Rescue Effort - Southwest Missouri's no-kill animal rescue.
Davoit British Shorthairs - UK Breeders specialising in both British Blues and Blue/White Bi Colours.
Sacred Paws - Cast and crew of felines, canines, and their pet humans.
Briarmist Cats - UK breeders of quality Persian and British Shorthair Cats.
Kayla the Princess Cat - Meet Kayla, a cute 3 year old calico cat from the Pat Brady Shelter for cats but now lives with brother Mu shue and mum Laura.
Topscratch - Hand built quality cat furniture made to last your cat a lifetime.
Ursinha British Shorthairs - UK breeders of beautiful British Shorthair Cats.

March 2001

Cats Anonymous - Private, no kill cat adoption located in south-central Ontario. - Portal site dedicated to cats and dogs.
Heilige Birma *von LaMaLu* - Breeders of beautiful Birman Cats in Germany.
Meow - Comprehensive site with lots of original content about cats for cat lovers.
Catmusek - A cool cat site with lots of entertainment.

February 2001

Moggies And More - Meet the Moggies who faced hard time in their lives until they found the purrfect human to love them.
Cat Care 2000 - All about cat care with very comprehensive information on lots of different subjects for cat owners.
Breezy's World of Cats - Dedicated to Harley, a cat's story through the eyes of his feline companions that he loved and loved him so much in return.
Catwhiskers Catnip Cafe - A site for Munchkin and all cat lovers.
Kiki & Koko, Siamese Cats - Meet Kiki and Koko, Siamese Cats from France.
Heater Cats - Maine Coons who share the life of Vicki Brown.
Cindy & Wally's Pet Page - All about their 16 gorgeous cats and a dog.
Silly Kitties - The story of two lovely cats, Sphinx and Pharo.
Purrisimo British Shorthair - UK Breeders of stunning British Shorhair Cats.
Foxy & Mackenzie's Little Web Kingdom - See beautiful cat photos of felines, Foxy & Mackenzie with lots of other cat information.

January 2001

Marie's Bengals - Website of Brown Spotted Bengals, Amber & Jet and Snow Bengals, Arctic & Lunar.
Gazi - Website of Juliet, a talented Siamese cat helping to raise money for charity through children's books.
ScorpioInk - Website of Shamu the Siamese cat and Monty the Tabby cat.
Shorti onLine - Site dedicated to Shorti, a very brave and special cat who fought against Vaccine Associated Sarcoma. Site includes information on VAS too. - A site all about the Russian Blue with a wealth of information on this beautiful breed.